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Denman Head Hugger Ceramic Radial Dhh2 Medium 33mm

Denman Head Hugger Ceramic Radial Dhh2 Medium 33mm

Denman’s DHH1 brush is carefully designed to hug the contours of your head, allowing for a superior styling experience. Its hourglass shaped barrel offers incredible lift from your roots, helping you to create show-stopping volume for big, bouncy blow-outs. Ideal for anyone who loves creating waves and curls, the brush gives you the chance to wave goodbye to limp and lifeless by getting as close to the curve of your head as possible.

The brush is also made to evenly distribute heat, minimising the risk of damage as a result of ‘hot spots’ on the barrel. This is thanks to the tool’s vented structure that means air can circulate freely, while a ceramic coating across the aluminium barrel makes for speedier blow drying that lasts even longer.

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